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      1. 發布時間:2020-11-25
      2. 工作地點:北京
      3. 職位類型:全職
      4. 來源:愛立信
      5. 職位:“5G菁英”管培生

      愛立信2021校園招聘求職大禮包 | 愛立信校園招聘筆試經驗匯總  |  愛立信校園招聘面試經驗匯總 | 愛立信校園招聘求職綜合經驗匯總


      Meet with our "5G Elite" Trainee and learn about her story.

      2021 "5G Elite" Trainee

      Have you ever imagined where you will live and work in the near future? Have you ever thought about a career with global vision? Do you want to be the one who drives the world's change with the most advanced technology? Start from Ericsson’s “5G Elite” Trainee program, we will lead you to realize your dream.

      If you are a new graduate with Master degree or above who has good team work mentality, leadership abilities and good problem solving skills, we offer you the opportunity to work alongside the brightest minds in the industry and work on projects that are changing the world of communication.

      Ericsson "5G Elite" Trainee position provides you:

      1. Onboarding training program in our headquarter in Sweden;

      2. Two-year rotation plan: you will work in three core departments in Project Management, Product Management and Sales;

      3. Executive leader’s mentoring;

      4. Fast track career developing opportunity;

      5. Working and learning platform on an international scale. 

      We want you:

      1. New graduate with Master degree or above with background in Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and other related majors; overseas education experience is a plus;

      2. Excellent capability of communication skills and presenting skills both in English and Mandarin;

      3. Have ambition, willing to work in cross-cultural company, capable of influencing, challenging and leading within a cutting-edge business;

      4. Passionate and fast learner.

      Apply here!

      “5G 菁英” 管培生

      "5G Elite" Trainee

      Scan the QR code to apply and share with your friends!


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